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Flood Plain Information
Finding a property and Flood Insurance Rate Map information using Oliver

Use this link to open Oliver:

In the search box at the top enter the address. A dialog box will open. If this is the address you want, hit “zoom to center point.”

The address you are looking for should appear on a map that includes assessor's data. It will have the streets and addresses.  Note that the little marker is sometimes in the wrong place.  In my experience this information is accurate (streets and addresses).

Once you have found the correct location, look to the right of the map under "Available Data

Click on the plus sign next to "Images."

Click on the plus sign next to "Aerial Photos (Ortho Imagery)."

Click on the desired ortho photos. (Some work better and show up faster than others.)

Again under "Available Data Layers" click on the plus sign next to "Regulated Areas."

Click on the plus sign next to "FEMA Flood Data (Most Current)."

Click on "FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer Polygons."

After a while the flood information should be overlaid on the map. At first you will not be able
to see through it. You can change the opacity as follows.

To the right of the screen under the heading "Active Data Layers," right click where it says
"FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer Polygons."

A pop-up box will appear with a slide bar labeled "Opacity." You can adjust this as it suits you.

There is a legend to the right at the bottom that identifies the different zones.

If you have any questions about this, contact Eric Carlson at 617 626-1362 or by email at

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