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Winter Safety Tips for Pet Owners
DID YOU KNOW that common ice melt or salt can be harmful to your pets? The most common ingredients in these products are typically sodium chloride or calcium chloride, which can cause irritation and possible chemical burns to the sensitive paw pads on your pet’s feet. Also, ingestion of these ice melts when your pets lick their paws can also cause gastrointestinal upset. Protecting your pet’s paws during the winter months can be easy though! There are a number of pet safe ice melter products available at all major retailers that will take the worry away from your pets being exposed to harmful products while at home. For those winter walks and excursions when you are away from home and not sure what products they have come in contact with, make sure to wipe their paws with a dampened cloth when you get home to remove any chemicals that could have built up. If your pet allows it, water-proof booties as well as paw-protective balms and waxes are also sold by all major pet retailers and add a protective barrier between your pets and harmful products.

If you have any winter pet-safety questions, please feel free to contact Animal Control at (508) 832-7703 or .

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