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Over 21 Coed Soccer League Rules
All basic rules of play as described by FIFA, USSF and USYSA will be used by Auburn Recreation and Culture Coed Soccer.
Players must be designated on the roster and have completed the required waiver form prior to playing. If teams are unable to field a full team with players on their designated roster they may use fill in players who have completed the required waiver form.

Slides or slide tackles are prohibited
Any sort of slide by a field player whether going for the ball or not, whether contact is made or not, when another player is in the area is considered a slide.

Players on the Field
  • Each team consists of a Goalkeeper and eight (8) field players
  • Minimum number of players needed to start play will be six (6)
  • There must be at least one (1) female or male player on the field at all times
Fouls and Misconduct
A) A direct free kick will be awarded if a player:
  • Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent, Trips or attempts to trip an opponent, Jumps at an opponent, Charges an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner, Charges an opponent from behind, Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent, holds an opponent, pushes an opponent, Charges the goalkeeper while he/she possesses the ball in their hands
If any of the above is committed by a player within their penalty area, a penalty kick should be awarded against their team.

B) An indirect free kick will be awarded if a player:
  • Kicks the ball while on the ground (Dangerous play)
  • Obstructs an opponent with no attempt to play the ball
C) A yellow card will be awarded if a player:
  • Persistently infringes the laws of the game
  • Shows by word or action, dissent with any decision by the referee
  • Is guilty of ungentlemanly conduct
After a yellow card offense, play will resume with a direct free kick.

D) A red card will be awarded if a player:
  • Is guilty of serious foul play
  • Is guilty of violent conduct
  • Uses foul or abusive language
  • Is guilty for the second time of a caution able offense.
The red card must be shown to the player; the player must leave the premises. The expelled player will automatically be suspended for one week and may receive additional suspension depending on the severity of the incident. After a red card offense, play will resume with a direct free kick.

Violent Play: The referees are instructed to be wary of fouls (pushes, attempts to kick the opponent’s legs, etc.) downfield away from the primary action. Any player being called for any foul under these conditions will be given a yellow card and the game will restart with a direct free kick. A second offense by the same player will result in a red card.

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