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General Information for Water Meter Installation
Reasons for purchasing a water meter:
  • Excess outside water use, i.e., excessive lawn watering or sprinkler system
  • Private well water
Procedure for purchasing a water meter:
Meters may be purchased at the D.P.W. Sewer Division office, 7 Millbury Street. The current
price is $160.00. Please call the office at (508)832-7811 to make sure there are meters in stock if you are interested in purchasing one through the Sewer Division.

A licensed plumber of your choice and expense must install the meter. It is the plumber’s
responsibility to apply for a plumbing permit. After installation, the meter must be inspected by
Mr. Kevin Ouellette, the Plumbing Inspector for the Town. His telephone number is
(508) 754-7291.

At the time of purchase, you will be given a “Record of Installation of Water Meter” form. This
form must be completed by the plumber, signed by the Plumbing Inspector and returned to the
Sewer Division office. We cannot start tracking your water usage until the signed form is
returned back to us.

Meter Placement for Irrigation Systems/Outside Water Use:
  • Irrigation Systems – to be installed just before the area where the irrigation system is connected to the plumbing
  • Single Outside Faucet – To be installed just before the outside faucet in an unconfined accessible area
  • More than one outside faucet – To be installed in a common line feeding the outside faucets only
  • There may be a need to change plumbing to facilitate common feed line to multiple outside faucets and/or irrigation systems
Meter Placement for Wells:
  • The meter should be installed in the main feed line of the well or in an area to exclude outside water usage

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