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Rules & Regulations
The Auburn Parks Department, acting under the authority conferred by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 45, Section 6, does hereby adopt the following Rules and Regulations to be implemented with respect to all parks, park land and land and areas which the Department is charged with maintaining  and controlling.

Within the limit of lands under the management of the Parks Department, it shall be unlawful for any person:

1. To destroy, misuse or abuse Parks property, or to injure trees, lawns, shrubs or plants in any park, playground, beach or other areas under the jurisdiction of the Parks Department.  Permission for removal of any dead wood must be obtained from the Parks Department.

2. To deface, remove or destroy any sign or notice or protective device placed in any park, playground or beach.

3. To annoy other persons or to disturb animals, fish, or birds, or to commit any act of nuisance in any park, playground or beach area.

4. To obstruct, hinder or impede the movement of the work of employees of the Parks Department or vehicles of said department.

5. To throw or deposit any litter, rubbish, hazardous waste in any park, playground, or beach area except in containers placed for such purposes.  Household trash cannot be deposited in said containers.

6. To play golf or to practice same with putter or other club or stick of any kind within any public park, playground, or beach area except for areas purposely set aside for this activity or in conjunction with an organized town recreation program.

7. To take any animal into any park, playground or beach area except on a proper leash.  All animal feces shall be picked up immediately and properly disposed of by owner.

8. To operate a stereo system, bullhorn, radio, loudspeaker or amplifier, or otherwise create noise, at a level that could reasonably be expected to disturb other persons in or around any public park, playground, or beach, without first obtaining a permit from the Parks Department.

9. To sell or offer for sale any goods or wares; to perform any advertising of any nature; to play any game of chance for money or other item of value; TO MAKE ANY FIRE WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING A PERMIT FROM THE FIRE DEPARTMENT AND THE PARKS DEPARTMENT.

10. To drive or propel any motorized vehicle in any park, playground or beach area excepting on regular vehicle roads that have been authorized by the Department.

11. To discharge or have any firearms or fireworks in any park, playground or beach are except if specifically authorized by the Department.

12. To commit any trespass in any public park, playground or beach area within the town between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., except with a written permit from the Department.  A trespass shall be any unauthorized entry in, upon or across any property under the jurisdiction of the Department.

13. To drive any commercial vehicle into any park except on business of the     Department, to give instruction to any person driving an automobile in any park or to learn to or propel any auto, motorcycle, bicycle or any other motorized vehicle (except on regular Park roads) or to repair cars in any park, playground or beach area.  Parking is allowed in designated areas.  Any vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or after posted park hours will be towed at owner’s expense.

14. To erect any booth, tent, sleeping bags, stall or other structure or to camp or lodge in any park, playground or beach area without permission from the Department.

15. To play any active ball games in any park, playground or beach area except in areas set aside for such games.

16. No person in any public park (including boundary roads) or other public place under the control of the Department shall fail to comply with any reasonable direction given by any police officer or by a Department employee.

17. No person shall place any snow or ice removed from private property upon any sidewalk, roadway, or parking area of any boundary road of a public park or any area under the control of the Department.

18. No person shall drive any vehicle upon any sidewalk of any boundary road of any public park or of any area under the control of the Department.

19. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: NO PERSON SHALL DRINK ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES as defined in Chapter 138, Section 1 of the Massachusetts General Laws  while on, in, or upon any park, playground or beach under the jurisdiction of the Department.

CLOSING HOURS:  Public parks, playgrounds and beach areas shall be closed to the public between the hours of 9:00pm and 5:00 am except under specific written authorization of the Department.

WAIVER RIGHTS;  The Parks Department reserves the right to waive and/or limit these rules at any time in the best interests of the Town of Auburn
PENALTIES:  Any person violating any of the above rules shall for each offense be punished by a fine of not more than $200.00 (General Laws, Chapter 45, Section 24).

Reservations for baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts and other fields may be obtained by calling the Parks Department, (508) 832-7813 weekdays (legal holidays excepted).  


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