Planning Division

Planning RoomThe Planning Department serves a variety of functions within the Town’s government. Its primary role is to provide technical and administrative support to the Planning Board by coordinating the submission and review of development applications. These applications consist of subdivisions, site plan approvals and Approval Not Required plans.

The Planning Department is also responsible for the updating of the Town’s Zoning Bylaws, Master Plan and Open Space Plan. These documents aid in shaping development in the Town in a manner consistent with the residents desires as well as best planning practices.

Development Coordinating Group

Additionally the Town Planner organizes the Development Coordinating Group, which is a collection of department heads that meet twice monthly. This group is designed to advise people looking to develop property or locate a business in Town as to what approvals may be required and what (if any) issues may be present.

Additional Information

If you have questions about any of these items or general inquiries about planning or development in Auburn please contact the Planning Department.

Approval Not Required (ANR)

Site Plan Approval

Special Permit



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