How to Dispose of Special Wastes

To assist the citizens of Auburn, the Board of Health has researched and discovered alternatives to dispose of waste items. The Board of Health strives to expand this list and welcomes ideas from the citizens. Please contact the Board with ideas.

Waste Item
Disposal Options
Cost to Consumer
Special Conditions
Batteries (Any Kind)Interstate Battery
135 Washington Street
Auburn, MA 01501
Computers, Printers,
Free or Reasonable Fee
Computers, Monitors,
Printers, Peripherals
Computers, Televisions
and All Electronics
METECH Recycling
Phone: 508-795-1950
Reasonable Fee

Home Medical Sharps

The Board of Health, partnering with CVS Pharmacy and Casella Waste has installed a collection box at the CVS Pharmacy at:
676 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Free Plus Cost of Take Home Disposal Box

Must be in approved personal take home containers.

Mercury and mercury containing items can be brought to the Office of the Board of Health the town offices at: 
104 Central Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Other Paints and

These compounds are always hazardous. Hold non-latex/water based paints until a
Hazardous Collection event is held. You can also check the Leicester Recycle Center to determine if they will accept this material.


Paint, Water Based
Water based or latex paints can be thrown out in the regular trash if they are thoroughly dried first. To dry quickly, mix in sawdust, kitty litter or other loose media and let stand until completely dry.
Only Latex and Water Based
Scrap Metal
Yellow pages, look up scrap metal multiple listings.


Town Fair Tire
320 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA 01501

$2 Per Tire

The rim must be removed from the tire. Town Fair Tire will remove the tire from the rim for a reasonable additional fee.

Useable construction and Home improvement
Habitat for Humanity runs a store in worcester called ReStore. They accept donations of usable home improvement materials and furnishings. Call them at 508-799-9259.
Free if the Donation Is Appropriate
Slightly used is okay. Call 508-799-9259 to set up an appointment.
Waste Oil
Keep original containers, Massachusetts' state law requires that retailers who sell motor oil must take back the waste.
May have to be in original containers.