Ovi Ticlea

Fire Department Headquarters
Title: Group 4 Firefighter
FF Ovi Ticlea

Ovidiu Ticlea started his career as a firefighter in 2005 as a call fighter with the Charlton Fire Department. He was appointed full time in 2007, after he completed his paramedic certification with Mass Bay Community College.

During his time with the Charlton Fire Department, Ovidiu was awarded the Tri-Community Exchange Club, Firefighter of the Year. He was the ALS Coordinator for the department responsible for coordinating and maintaining all aspects of ALS training, equipment and supplies for the department.

FF Ticlea joined the Auburn Fire Rescue Department in 2011. Currently he serves as the department's Community CPR Coordinator and he is a member of the District 7 Technical Rescue Team. FF Ticlea holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. He is also certified as Fire Instructor III, Fire Officer II, Certified CPR Instructor with the American Heart Association. He was an Instructor with the District 7 Recruit Program for three years.

Outside the department, FF Ticlea enjoys the outdoors, playing soccer and coaching his son's town travel soccer team. 

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